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WLD280 Solar Pump Inverter: Efficient and Sustainable Water Pumping Solution

WLD280 Solar Pump Inverter

In the realm of renewable energy, solar-powered water pumps have gained significant popularity due to their efficiency,, and cost-effectiveness. Among the leading brands in this domain, Bedford Electric stands out with its innovative WLD280 Solar Pump Inverter. This article explores the features and benefits of the WLD280, highlighting its universal voltage compatibility, intelligent control capabilities, tailor-made photovoltaic functions, and multiple protection mechanisms.

Universal Voltage & Power Ranges

The WLD280 Solar Pump Inverter by Bedford Electric caters to a wide range of water pump systems. It supports both single and three-phase 220V setups, as well as three-phase 380V. With power ranges spanning from 0.75kW to an impressive 200kW, this versatile inverter can accommodate various water pumping requirements.

Digital Intelligent Control

The WLD280 simplifies the operation of solar water pumps through its digital intelligent control system. Once connected to the solar water pump controller, the pump starts automatically, eliminating the need for complex parameter settings. Moreover, the inverter adjusts the water output dynamically based on changes in sunlight. It enters dormancy during weak light conditions, such as after sunset, and reactivates when exposed to strong light, like at sunrise. Additionally, it automatically enters dormancy mode when the water level is high and restarts when the water level drops, ensuring efficient water management.


The WLD280 Solar Pump Inverter by Bedford Electric offers a comprehensive solution for efficient and sustainable water pumping. With its universal voltage compatibility, digital intelligent control, tailor-made photovoltaic functions, and robust protection mechanisms, it caters to diverse industrial applications such as farmland irrigation, residential water supply, landscape fountains, swimming pool water circulation, and desert management. Embracing the WLD280 means embracing an eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to water pumping, backed by the trusted brand name of Bedford Electric.

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