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Sungrow’s SG333HX: A Game-Changing Multi-MPPT String Inverter for 1500 Vdc Systems in Brazil and Poland

Sungrow's SG333HX

In the dynamic world of solar power technology, Sungrow remains a pioneer in delivering innovative solutions that drive the adoption of renewable energy. The SG333HX Multi-MPPT String Inverter is a remarkable testament to Sungrow’s commitment to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety. With a focus on 1500 Vdc systems tailored for Brazil and Poland, the SG333HX opens new doors for optimizing solar inverter system generation in these regions.

Maximizing Yield with Advanced Features 

The SG333HX is engineered for maximum yield, featuring up to 16 MPPTs with an impressive peak efficiency of 99%. Designed to handle 20A per string, it is compatible with high-power 500Wp+ modules, making it a prime choice for businesses aiming to harness the potential of solar energy. The inverter’s unique data exchange capabilities with tracker systems amplify yield by ensuring panels are constantly aligned for optimal sun exposure, further enhancing overall system performance.

Efficiency Meets Affordability

Sungrow understands the importance of cost-effectiveness, and the SG333HX reflects this philosophy. The Q at night function saves on investment by efficiently managing power flow during periods of low demand. Power line communication (PLC) facilitates seamless data exchange, simplifying operations. The Smart IV Curve diagnosis feature empowers active operations and maintenance by swiftly identifying deviations from normal operation, enabling timely intervention.

Unparalleled Grid Support and Safety

The SG333HX is designed to thrive even in challenging grid conditions. With a stable operating SCR (System Compatibility Ratio) of ‚Č•1.15 in extremely weak grids, it ensures consistent power generation regardless of environmental factors. The reactive power response time of less than 30ms supports grid stability. Compliant with global grid codes, the inverter is well-prepared to meet regulatory requirements.

Safety remains paramount in solar power systems, and the SG333HX excels in this aspect as well. Its unique configuration of 2 strings per MPPT eliminates the risk of string reverse connection. The integrated DC switch automatically cuts off faults, enhancing system safety. Real-time AC and DC insulation monitoring conducted 24/7 adds an additional layer of protection, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the system.


Sungrow’s SG333HX Multi-MPPT String Inverter emerges as a groundbreaking solution for 1500 Vdc systems in Brazil and Poland. Combining efficiency, affordability, grid support, and unmatched safety features, it epitomizes Sungrow’s commitment to shaping the future of solar energy. As the renewable energy landscape evolves, the SG333HX empowers businesses to embrace sustainability while reaping the benefits of reliable and efficient solar power generation.

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