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How to Choose Bedroom Curtains | Curtain Installation Dubai


Choosing the correct Blackout Curtains For your Bedroom is a crucial decorating decision that may have a significant impact on the space’s appearance and feel. The curtains you purchase should be appropriate for the size of your windows, the current decor, and your personal style preferences.

If you’re not sure how to choose Bedroom Curtains, there are a few important elements to consider. Pay attention to fabric, length, color/pattern, and curtain style. Taking the time to consider your alternatives will allow you to select window treatments that match your bedroom wonderfully in your Dubai Home.

10 Best Bedroom Curtain Fabrics For Your Dubai Home:

When buying bedroom curtains, one of the most important decisions is which fabric to use. The fabric has a significant impact on how the product looks, feels, and functions.


Cotton’s natural fiber makeup makes it one of the most popular curtain textiles. The cotton plant uses the fibers surrounding its seeds to create its soft, breathable texture. Cotton is a good moisture absorber and easy to launder. It provides adequate insulation against heat and sound. Cotton is available in a wide range of colors, from bold brights to natural ecru, and it complements both formal and casual bedroom settings. Cotton’s durability and affordability, combined with its relaxed casual vibe, make it a flexible all-purpose alternative.


Natural flax fibers give linen its durability. Its weave creates visual appeal and texture. The fibers allow air to move and delicately spread light. Linen curtain panels have a lovely flow that softens with time. Because it can withstand high temperatures, stains, and grime. The causal texture of the fabric complements beach, cottage, and farming-style decor.


Velvet enhances the beauty of windows by absorbing and reflecting light. If you add an opaque blackout covering, the fabric insulation effectively eliminates outside noise and darkens rooms. Cotton velvet is the best since it has a robust texture and drapes well, although polyester and rayon blends are more affordable. Velvet brings drama, luxury, and sophistication to any decor, whether in a traditional jewel tone or a modern metallic shine. The material should be steam- or dry-cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its appearance.


Silk makes beds feel opulent and sumptuous because it sparkles with iridescence and delicately diffuses light. Draped in silk, the curtain panels glide effortlessly along their rods. When you close the door, the soft material effectively blocks out external noise, ensuring you remain warm and peaceful. Silk allows you to control the quantity of light that enters by changing from transparent to opaque.


Polyester is a wise and practical choice for bedroom windows, as it provides vibrant, long-lasting colors and is simple to maintain. Polyester is wrinkle- and stain-resistant, and it maintains its appearance between launderings. Vibrantly printed polyester brightens spaces with colorfast images ranging from flower blooms to geometric motifs. For bedrooms that require complete daytime darkness, a polyester blackout cloth effectively blocks annoying light. You can easily customize the size of polyester curtains to fit your needs and enjoy their attractive versatility.

Curtain Length for Bedroom

The length of your curtains will affect both practicality and visual proportions. Most bedroom curtains fall into the following length categories:

Sill-length curtains brush only the bottom window sill, providing complete light filtration yet enabling you to see more of the window frame for a bright, open appearance.
Aprons are sill-length panels with an extra flap of fabric at the bottom for a ruffled look. The aprons may drip somewhat on the floor.
Floor-length curtains pool lightly on the floor, giving attention to the windows and framing them nicely. They leave a few light openings at the top and bottom.
Puddled: Extra-long puddled drapes gather abundantly on the floor, creating a sumptuous, romantic look. They can be difficult to use appropriately and keep clean.

Different styles of bedroom curtains 

You can decorate bedroom windows with a variety of imaginative curtain styles.

Rod pocket curtains: Simple fitted panels with a pole at the top provide an efficient, informal look. The added breadth allows for superior light management.
Grommet curtains: These panels slide effortlessly open and closed on a pole. The grommets lend a sleek, minimalist appearance.
Tab top curtains: Sleek tab tops stack curtain header tabs behind each other on a slim exposed rod to add architectural character.
Back tab curtains: Vertical strips with button holes allow them to fit onto a slender flat rod, keeping the edges neatly stacked for a finished look.
Pinch pleat curtains have flexible, stiff pleats that pinch together to make luxurious folds as the curtains open and close on rings, creating a formal, exquisite look.They work with decorating rods.
Metal or wood rings thread through holes in curtain tops to provide airflow and light filtration. Eyelet curtains, hung from clips, ties, or ornate rods, exude casual elegance.
Tier curtains: Layering two short and long panels adds dimension and adaptability. You can use tiers to soften large windows or to creatively frame views.
Cafe curtains: Short curtains with valances cover upper window sections, leaving lower areas open for views and light.

Creative Bedroom Window Layering Ideas:

Bedroom windows are ideal for experimenting with layered looks, such as:

Sheers and blackouts:Sheer curtain panels filter natural light during the day, while opaque blackout panels block extra light when sleeping.

Curtains and shades:Honeycomb shades provide insulation and top-down/bottom-up privacy control, while fabric curtains tastefully frame the window.

  • Scarf swags and side panels
  • Swag valances made from old scarves or sarongs provide colorful overlays above the side curtains.
  • Rod pocket panels and mid-frame valances

The decorative valances above the rod pocket panels suspended from the main window rods are supported by extra rods installed on the ceiling.

Do not be afraid to mix materials and overlap different curtain lengths to add visual interest and complexity to your area. Layering allows you to change the tone from bright mornings to cozy movie nights.


When you understand how to select bedroom curtains, you can add flair to your space while controlling light, heat, and privacy. Consider the room’s size, color palette, window specifications, and how you want the space to look and function. After that, selecting the appropriate fabrics, lengths, colors, and styles of curtains becomes easier and more enjoyable. Because there are so many options, you may discover window coverings that are ideal for making your bedroom a sanctuary in your Dubai Home.

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